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Songwriting with JR! (Make it a Gift)
Songwriting with JR! (Make it a Gift)
Songwriting with JR! (Make it a Gift)

Songwriting with JR! (Make it a Gift)

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🎵 I have been asked by quite a few people, both seasoned artists as well as people who are writing their first song for help with their songwriting. I love the creative process so much I decided to make the songwriting session available to anyone here on my site. *NOTE that I only have a limited amount of spaces open at any one time so if it says unavailable please check back in a week or 2 as I should have extra times available in the future. Thanks! - JR

A more detailed description below:

Have any songs or ideas you want help with? Spend 2 half hour Skype/Zoom Sessions with JR who will share his 25 years of experience writing, producing and recording songs with you. These sessions will help you get your songs to another level.

JR has written hundreds of songs (many of them chart topping) for Dishwalla, his own solo projects as well as for/with other artists including the #1 hit "Counting Blue Cars".  Songs JR has written have appeared in: American Pie, How I Met Your Mother, Charmed, Smallville, One Tree Hill, Baywatch, Criminal Minds, NCIS and may more. 

Depending on where your song or even basic ideas are at, JR's songwriting sessions can help you focus on:

  • Melody
  • Lyrics
  • Chord structure
  • Arrangements
  • Help with singing your song
  • Recording techniques
  • Production
  • Instrumentation including (guitar electric, guitar acoustic, piano, drums, bass, synths and programming techniques)
  • Pro Tools recording & mixing tips and help

The two Sessions are 30 minutes long and done via Skype, so make sure that you have a good internet connection. Once you have purchased a session, I will contact you by email in order to set up a time to SKYPE that works for both of us, as well as work out any creative details prior to working together. (for example: it helps to send any musical ideas or lyrics to me prior to the first SKYPE session so I can familiarize himself with what you want to work on:) We will then do the 1st Skype Session. We will then set up a time to do a followup Skype after having a chance to work on the ideas from the first session. I find that having 2 Skype sessions gives us a solid amount of time to work on whatever you would like to focus on.

• For those of you in the UK that are willing to come to Oxford and work with me in person please contact me at: management@reid-richards.com (these songwriting sessions are in HOUR LONG blocks at £150 (including VAT) an hour - And being that they are face to face and longer they are a bit more intensive :)


management@ reid-richards.com


Here is a recent review by Sam Sifrar:

"I honestly struggle to write this review, because there are no words that accurately capture how much of an impact JR has had on my life these last few months.

Back in October, my husband surprised me with a couple song-writing Skype sessions with JR. As someone with literally ZERO musical talent or rhythm, I came to the table with only my words, a poem I'd written about my mom's passing 4 years ago.

JR could not have been more supportive! He not only created a melody to my words, but also took time to teach my husband (who is in a local band) how to adapt the song to his vocal range and his instrumental skills. Throughout these sessions, my husband and I got to know JR better, and I can truly call him a friend now.

JR allowed me to find an outlet for my grief, and I will be forever grateful for his help. I even got a tattoo of the name of our song ("Castaway).

If you are ever thinking of exploring your creative side, don't let the logistics hold you back. JR is there to put music to your words, to allow them to be more than just ink on paper. He is truly incredible!"

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