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Dishwalla 5 (Rare Advance CD)
Dishwalla 5 (Rare Advance CD)
Dishwalla 5 (Rare Advance CD)

Dishwalla 5 (Rare Advance CD)

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Dishwalla's self-titled 4th studio album on Compact Disc. (last album I did with them) These are VERY RARE Advance Copies ....with only a limited amount available as I was only able to save a few. 

Track List:

40 Stories - 4:29
Collide - 4:49 (one of my favorite songs to perform :) (also appeared in an episode of Smallville)
Ease The Moment - 5:54 (one of my most favorite songs I've ever written)
Coral Sky - 3:44
Winter Sun - 3:50
Creeps In The Stone - 3:41
Surrender The Crown - 3:49
Bleeding Out - 3:47 (appeared in an episode of NCIS)
Life For Sale - 2:59
Above The Wreckage - 3:31
Far Away - 4:08
Collide (Massy Mix) - 4:39

"For Dishwalla's 4th studio album we teamed up with three different producers, Bill Szymczyk (Eagles, BB King) , Sylvia Massey (Tool, System of a Down) and Ryan Greene (No FX, Megadeath) to make what I believe to be is the heaviest Dishwalla album we ever made. With both "Collide" and "Ease the moment" as my two favorites out of all the songs I wrote for that album.... and especially "Ease the Moment" as it captured the true 'magic' that I always hope for when you write & record a song."

- JR Richards

Below is one of my favorite tracks I wrote for this album: