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A Beautiful End - CD MAXI DISC (physical)
A Beautiful End - CD MAXI DISC (physical)
A Beautiful End - CD MAXI DISC (physical)

A Beautiful End - CD MAXI DISC (physical)

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🎵 My first solo album, "A Beautiful End" is finally available in CD again and this time with an 4 EXTRA SONGS! AKA the "Maxi Disc" this newest version of my first solo album has an extra 4 tracks... with a recently recorded acoustic version of "You're The Only Way Home" only available on this CD! I am truly proud of this album and hope you enjoy it as well on CD! - JR 😎

• You can choose a REGULAR or AUTOGRAPHED version •

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(NOTE- If you would like me to dedicate this CD to anyone specific please email me at: management@reid-richards.com with your request - Thanks!)

Maxi Disc Track List:

  1. Never Forgotten
  2. A Beautiful End
  3. I Will Give You Life
  4. Ghost of Sorrow
  5. Clearwater
  6. Person For You
  7. Red Painted Walls
  8. June Becomes July
  9. The Far End of the Black
  10. You're Th Only Way Home
  11. Clearwater (piano version)
  12. The Far End of the Black (acoustic version)
  13. A Beautiful End (acoustic version)
  14. You're The Only Way Home (acoustic version)

 You can watch the video for the title track "A Beautiful End" brilliantly directed by Chris Corrado below.

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