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Angelgold Holiday (Digital EP)

Angelgold Holiday (Digital EP)

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My 2nd solo Holiday EP.

The title track from this 7 song EP, "Angelgold" I had been writing for my next full length album (10th) but decided to add this version here for I had written it last year when I was trying to get home in time for Christmas.... so it seemed appropriate :) To me, "Angelgold" sounds very reminiscent to something I would have written for Dishwalla... I am curious to hear what you think... Also on the EP are two versions of "Silent Night" (my favorite Christmas song apparently ) One is a gospel version that evolved out of conversations with Min and her favorite hymns.. The "reprise" version I decided to include as well as it was my first intention to keep everything simple for this EP... but somehow things always gets a bit more complex ...

Lastly, the amazing cover art was painted by my son Dom at the age of 5 :).

I really do hope you enjoy this! - JR

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