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Honore et Amore (Double Vinyl)
Honore et Amore (Double Vinyl)

Honore et Amore (Double Vinyl)

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My 2nd solo album "Honore et Amore" on DOUBLE VINYL!  And because of the length of the album I felt that it should come as a double album (2 records = 4 sides) in order keep the audio quality high. These two records are also to be played at 45rpm speed instead in of the more typical 33 1/3 speed in order to increase the audio quality even more :) • NOTE - this version of "Honore et Amore"- ALSO INCLUDES THE RARE BONUS TRACK "Never Alone".

There are only a Few of these remaining....

You can choose either the Regular or Autographed version.

LP 1 - Side A
1. I Will Wait
2. Walls
3. Tug of War

LP 1 - Side B
4. Carry On
5. Gorgeous
6. The Hope For Better Days (Cold War)

LP 2 - Side A
7. Mortals
8. Come to Tears
9. The Fading Light

LP 2 - Side B
10. Part of Something Beautiful
11. Never Alone (bonus track) 

Below are 3 videos from "Honore et Amore". All brilliantly Directed by my wife Min Reid:

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