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Opaline - Advance CD signed (SUPER RARE!)
Opaline - Advance CD signed (SUPER RARE!)

Opaline - Advance CD signed (SUPER RARE!)

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🎵 From my private collection - This is my personal favorite Dishwalla album, "Opaline" and the normal version is getting harder and harder to find on Compact Disc these days..... THIS version is SUPER rare and almost impossible to find. This CD version is the very limited Advance CD that our label sent out to Radio, TV, Movies and music Journalists in hopes of stirring some interest and good reviews. 

NOTABLE - The first song I wrote on this album was "Somewhere in The Middle" around 1999. The last song I wrote for this album was "Opaline" which was written during our time in the studio while making this album. Songs from this album did end up on: Smallville (2 times), General Hospital and The Banger Sisters.

I will also sign AND dedicate this album if you would like. Just let me know if you would like it dedicated in the text box during checkout or you can email me at: management@reid-richards.com - Thanks! - JR

💿 Track Listing:

  1. Opaline
  2. Angels or Devils
  3. Somewhere in the Middle
  4. Every Little Thing
  5. When Morning Comes
  6. Home
  7. Today, Tonight
  8. Mad Life
  9. Candleburn
  10. Nashville Skyline
  11. Drawn Out